Star Warrior LDJAM34

We have made game Star Warrior mixing cheesy 80s and Star Wars themes on Ludum Dare game jam.


In game you ride one of space fighters and have to kill with lazers a worm hidding in dunes.

Game was done in Unity and we aimed for smooth and joyful gliding mechanics. My friend kozun took care of steering, camera movement and whole logic behind space shuttle. Later on programmed nearly whole gameplay. I've figured out wireframe shaders and experimented with shading effects. I've parametrized every detail of dunes and lava look, the world is endless. Then I made space fighter model and painted skybox. At the end I had to rewrite all wireframe shaders since WebGL does not support geometry shaders and update some screen effects since WebGL does not support MovieTexture as well. We had quite busy week and tons of fun working on it. Hope you like it!


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