Monday, 12 December 2016

FATE - Sensei Game Jam 2016

This weekend I took part in Sensei Game Jam 2016 oraganized at Faculty of Computer Science Wrocław University. What makes it unique experience, is that experienced game developers teach and mentor less experienced and usually novice ethusiast on their very first jam. 

I gave lecture about various Tips&Tricks how to successfully create games at jams. There were also 3 other great lectures. I have also helped mentoring one team creating their very first FPS game in Unreal Engine 4, with Andrzej Koloska - polish game dev industry veteran. Theme was: "Wait, actually we are the bad guys?", known from Ludum Dare #24. We called our masterpiece "FATE" as tribute to Doom, cause gameplay and was very similar. It had thrilling plot twist at the and :)


Fellow Player recorded it on youtube 2 hours after the submission, stunning! :D

...and he actually understood the message of the game itself.

Thanks to the hosts of the game jam and congratz to the rest of the team - it was fun weekend indeed!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Slavic Game Jam 2016 Finalist

During first weekend of August we took part in Slavic Game Jam 2016 organized by KNTG Polygon. We made one of two Unreal Engine 4 games that made it into finals with 15 other entries within 75 games total finished on the jam. About 270 people took part in the event. All games are listed on

Before the gamejam I presented extended a bit version of my lecture "Achieving Stylized Look in Extreme Conditions"

The theme was "the 90's". Our team created mascot claw machine simulator that used eye tracker Tobii Eyex. You could literally aim the claw with your mind. The game was done in Unreal Engine 4. We used Tobi Eyex C++ SDK that is available on github and vendor developer page. Gameplay was in blueprints and based on physics. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Ultimate Theory of Gravity

Help Stephen Hawking beat around the bush the gravity and reach the black hole.
Game done at CastleGameJam2016 by total UnrealEngine4 noobs and Szopen.


It was great learning experience because Sjoerd De Jong (@hourences) was helping us and teaching great use of Unreal Engine 4 during the jam. On this photo he showed us how to convert our procedural islands to instances so instead of ~1000 drawcals we had 1 per island. Futher we discovered PerInstanceRandom material node and moved block animation from Blueprint Tick (CPU) to Material Vertex Offset (GPU) - got us huge performance boost. We also talked a bit about developement under UE4 and he recomended Perforce version control system since it is used internaly by Epic Games. Perforce is like SVN but more sophisticated and we used it during the jam - ran very smoothly.

Lets Play:

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Saturday, 18 June 2016


Last week I had the pleasure to represent TK Games at Wrocław ACM SIGGRAPH at Institute of Computer Science of Wrocław University. Despite only 2 lectures I learned quite a lot about Techland engine and meet people from university interested in graphics, games and VR. Looking forward to next such event.

Here is recorded part of our presentation:

Monday, 29 February 2016

TimeShift - TK Game Jam 2016

Voxelastic platformer created at TK Game Jam 2016 created in Unity.
Resposible for protyping gameplay and GearVR version.

Featured by Style and Aestethics winners - Techland Team