The Ultimate Theory of Gravity

Help Stephen Hawking beat around the bush the gravity and reach the black hole.
Game done at CastleGameJam2016 by total UnrealEngine4 noobs and Szopen.


It was great learning experience because Sjoerd De Jong (@hourences) was helping us and teaching great use of Unreal Engine 4 during the jam. On this photo he showed us how to convert our procedural islands to instances so instead of ~1000 drawcals we had 1 per island. Futher we discovered PerInstanceRandom material node and moved block animation from Blueprint Tick (CPU) to Material Vertex Offset (GPU) - got us huge performance boost. We also talked a bit about developement under UE4 and he recomended Perforce version control system since it is used internaly by Epic Games. Perforce is like SVN but more sophisticated and we used it during the jam - ran very smoothly.

Lets Play:


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