Slavic Game Jam 2016 Finalist

During first weekend of August we took part in Slavic Game Jam 2016 organized by KNTG Polygon. We made one of two Unreal Engine 4 games that made it into finals with 15 other entries within 75 games total finished on the jam. About 270 people took part in the event. All games are listed on

Before the gamejam I presented extended a bit version of my lecture "Achieving Stylized Look in Extreme Conditions"

The theme was "the 90's". Our team created mascot claw machine simulator that used eye tracker Tobii Eyex. You could literally aim the claw with your mind. The game was done in Unreal Engine 4. We used Tobi Eyex C++ SDK that is available on github and vendor developer page. Gameplay was in blueprints and based on physics. 


  1. Good post, you did really good job out there. I always have believe that if you work hard you will get succes. No wonder your good work paid off, thanks for sharing it with us


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