FATE - Sensei Game Jam 2016

This weekend I took part in Sensei Game Jam 2016 oraganized at Faculty of Computer Science Wrocław University. What makes it unique experience, is that experienced game developers teach and mentor less experienced and usually novice ethusiast on their very first jam. 

I gave lecture about various Tips&Tricks how to successfully create games at jams. There were also 3 other great lectures. I have also helped mentoring one team creating their very first FPS game in Unreal Engine 4, with Andrzej Koloska - polish game dev industry veteran. Theme was: "Wait, actually we are the bad guys?", known from Ludum Dare #24. We called our masterpiece "FATE" as tribute to Doom, cause gameplay and was very similar. It had thrilling plot twist at the and :)


Fellow Player recorded it on youtube 2 hours after the submission, stunning! :D

...and he actually understood the message of the game itself.

Thanks to the hosts of the game jam and congratz to the rest of the team - it was fun weekend indeed!


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