Commercial Experience:

Layopi Games, Unreal Engine 4 Developer  (Blueprint, C++, HLSL)
In charge of providing custom materials, shaders and visual effects.

VR Global, Lead Native Developer  (Oculus Mobile SDK, Unity, OpenGL ES, Java)
In charge of R&D in VR&CG field and extending 3D engine for VR tours player system with state of the art capabilities. Implementing and polishing features like stereoscopy, 360 video playback, Google Cardboad and networking.


Wrocław Quest, Unity Developer (C#) + Backend Developer (Node.js, HTML5) 
In charge of  creating frontend with API in Unity for users and others developers and backend REST API software.

Some of hobby projects:

Shadertoy, GLSL, (2016)
Raymarching technique with signed distance fields

The Ultimate Theory of Gravity, UE4
Help Stephen Hawking beat around the bush the gravity and reach the black hole. Created at Castle Game Jam 2016
Responsible for Stephen Hawking character and some materials.


Star Warrior, C#, Cg, Unity, (2015)
Retro-Futuristic acrade game created at Ludum Dare #34 Jam
Responsible for Shaders and Graphic Design
#61 Graphics 4.46

Prince Charming, C#, Unity, (2015)
Casual acrade game created at Ludum Dare #33 Jam
Responsible for design and Programming
Top 5% and 10% within ~2700 entries!
#24 Theme 4.28 #89 Humor 3.82

Stateic Potential, C#, Unity, (2015)
Minimal strategy created at Slavic Game Jam 2015 in ~48h:
Resposible for design and programming

God Simulator 2015, C#, Unity
Mobile casual game created at TK GameJam 2015 in ~18h:
Resposible for design and programming
Winning Entry
More... Event Summary...

Snakube, C# , Unity, (2015)
Minimalist snake clone with coolest music ever done in ~5h

Galaxy Pirates, C#, Unity, (2014)
Team Engineering Project, Topdown Shooter
Bachelor Thesis: Virtual Director of game play in video game.
Resposible for Multiplayer Framework and Virtual Director

Troll Away, C#, Unity, (2014)
Multiplayer Augmented Reality game for Ludum Dare #30 72h Jam:
Entry: read more
#21 Innovation #100 Overall
within over 2500 other entries

0x56, JavaScript + CSS, (2014)
Game inspired by vector Star Wars by Atari created in ~20h at TK GameJam
Awarded for programming


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